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Clare is a violist based in Melbourne, Australia. She completed her Bachelor of Music in Classical Performance at Monash University in violin. Currently Clare is completing her Honours in viola, with a focus on feminist musicology and the music of Rebecca Clarke in her thesis.

Clare has played with groups as diverse and varied as Melbourne Opera, the Royal Melbourne Philharmonic, new music orchestra the Melbourne Metropolitan Sinfonietta, the Australian Asian Orchestra, Paper Flowers folk sextet with jazz vocalist Clancye Milne, the innovative Monash Art Ensemble and early music/baroque ensemble Progetto Corelli. Clare has played at the Stonnington Jazz Festival, the Folk Rhythm and Life Festival, Port Fairy Spring Music Festival and Melbourne Festival. In 2012, Clare traveled to Italy with her Piano Trio for a chamber music course and received lessons and coaching with prominent European classical pedagogues. At this time she had lessons with teachers in both England (Simon Fischer, Guildhall & Yehudi Menuhin Schools) and Germany (Ingeborg Scheerer, Köln Hochschule Wuppertal). In 2015, Clare travelled twice to China with the Australian International Opera Company for a month each time, firstly playing viola for Mozart's The Marriage of Figaro and then violin for Verdi's La Traviata. In 2016, Clare was the violist for Allison Wright's project 'Kammervolk,' an exploration of the emerging contemporary classical scene in New York. Her university chamber music ensemble recently performed the spectacular Brahms Clarinet Quintet, written for string quartet and clarinet. In November, Clare was the violist for Evan Lawson's project 'Forest Collective,' performing excerpts from Schoenberg's Pierrot Lunaire. In December Clare played with La Fraternita di Solisti chamber orchestra.

So far lined up in 2017, Clare is performing as soloist for Hindemith's Trauermusik with chamber orchestra La Fraternita di Solisti. She has been commissioned to arrange a work by Reinier Baas, Dutch jazz guitarist, for the Solstice Trio, performance date to be confirmed. Clare is once again violist for Kammervolk in 2017. Clare is traveling to New York City in June to take part in an intensive SummerStrings course at New York University.


Clare is available to play at a multitude of different events, solo and with her chamber ensembles. Recommended pay-rates can be found at the Musician's Union page, however get in touch for a more detailed rate.